There are certain aspects that patients should know before performing this operation, and these are:

Know what exactly needs to be improved: the examination carried out by the plastic surgeon before the intervention is very important, because the part of the nose that is altered must be detected, for example the tip may be wide, narrow or fall, or also that the back is sunken or very protruding, which is usually the most frequent, and in some cases it may be deviated, due to trauma or so from birth. All this will have to be taken into account to know what has to be corrected, what the patient is most concerned about and, finally, what can be corrected.

– The problem may be the chin: Another congenital deformity that occurs in the face is nasal hypertrophy that is associated with the retroposition of the chin or short chin, in these cases it is necessary to perform a profiloplasty that consists of in addition to correcting the nose, increasing the chin, obtaining an excellent result.

– It is not about having someone else’s nose: “sometimes young people bring us photographs of actors or actresses with a beautiful nose, but it is important to explain that each nose has a type of facial features and some will be better off with a type nose than others ”, Dr. Pérez de la Romana tells us. Rhinoplasty intervention consists of correcting all the nasal structures and giving a harmonic shape to the nose with the rest of the face, it is not only about leaving it perfectly in shape, but it must be proportionate to the measurements of the face

– Do not forget the functionality of the nose: in addition to its aesthetic importance on the face, this part of our body has great functional importance in the breathing process, explains Dr. Pérez de la Romana, since the nasal mucosa is adequate to draw air into the lungs. For this reason, a good specialist ill treat the case when studying the nose not only from the aesthetic point of view, but also from the functional point of view and if the respiratory function is decreased or altered, make a correction in the same intervention, to improve well breathing it.

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