Physical activity and Covid. Research is multiplying on the link between playing sports and the impact on the disease caused by the coronavirus. Regular and moderate physical activity is another weapon against the worst consequences of Covid.

The researchers analyzed data from nearly 50,000 people with Covid. The results would leave no room for doubt. Those who regularly practice moderate physical activity only rarely end up in hospital, even less in intensive care.

150 Minutes A Week: That’s Why We Chose This Quantity

Regular physical activity means exercising for 150 minutes per week. This amount of sport is recommended by the World Health Organization and many other research centers around the world. This figure was reached after analyzing a huge amount of research that confirmed that regular and moderate physical activity helps to strengthen the immune system, reduce inflammation levels in the blood, increase lung and cardiovascular health , as well as improve mental health. The result of this new study is therefore not surprising. It is obvious that even with a Covid infection, sport is an essential ally.

Physical Activity And Covid: Exercise Fights Risk Factors

It must be reflected that some of the risk factors that trigger the alarm when infected with the coronavirus can be if not eliminated, at least mitigated by physical activity. First of all, overweight and obesity, but also cardiovascular problems such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Consequently, some experts recommend including a sedentary lifestyle among the risk factors that can worsen the conditions of Covid 19 patients.

The goal of 150 minutes of physical activity is anything but difficult to achieve. It means playing sports for less than 22 minutes a day. There are many activities that can also be carried out by those who do not have the passion for gymnastics.

Walk As Soon As You Can

Even with restrictions it is always possible to leave the house for a walk. Even better if we walk briskly in the middle of nature. This simple gesture not only relieves the feeling of anxiety that almost all of us are prey to during this period, but significantly strengthens our immune system. Walking at a brisk pace, however, must be taken very seriously. It is not enough to go out for a walk, you have to go out with the awareness that you are going to walk for at least an abundant half hour.

Physical Activity And Covid: Get Some Exercise As Soon As You Can
You don’t need to play sports for an hour straight. It is enough to do some exercises even broken up during the day. So you can decide to indulge in sports for up to 5 minutes every hour. Now that many of us work in smart working, the decision can be made to take a five-minute break every hour. Without realizing it, in less than five breaks we will have exceeded the required 22 minutes per day.
Physical activity and Covid: the role of play
Playing is a great way to exercise while having fun. If we love to play tennis, let’s do it. Let’s stop thinking about the fact that we’re not particularly good at it. We involve a family member, perhaps a child, and play tennis. The same goes for a game of soccer or basketball. If you have children, play chase or hide and seek. Fun and health will be guaranteed.
Always keep track of your physical activity
One way to be sure we have done at least 150 minutes of physical activity a day is to mark ourselves every time we exercise. This way we can’t go wrong.

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